Dear ones,


Thank you so much for joining Solidarity with All Those Migrating last night to hear from folks at the border about how we can support there and how we can weave a fierce community of accompaniment and sponsorship to get folks out of ICE jail and support them as they make their way in the US. A big thank you to Julica Hermann de la Fuente for translation and the ministry of language justice, and to our guests and presenters:

·  Monica Curca, Activate Labs

·  Kristin Kumpf, AFSC

·  Angela Fujii, San Diego Cluster and immigration justice organizer

·  Victoria, LGBTQ asylum seeker  

·  Rebecca, Victoria’s sponsor, Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition organizer

The reading we shared is here and the song we closed with is here. The slides are here. The unedited video is here. We’ll be sending out and posting an edited, captioned video early next week but I know folks wanted this asap ❤.

Our Love Resists team will follow up specifically with you given the areas of solidarity you expressed interest in on the survey at the end of the webinar, but we are sharing the many general links to take action here as well. Thank you for all you do in your communities each day for love!


To donate to support in Tijuana/San Diego:

·  Al Otro Lado- to continue to help legal efforts and emergency humanitarian needs.

·  Espacio Migrante / Comité Estratégico de Ayuda Humanitaria  - Grassroots response in the Tijuana community

·  Pueblos Sin Fronteras Crowd Rise Campaign- General humanitarian support

·  San Diego Rapid Response – coordination of temporary shelters in San Diego

·  Catholic Charities – Travel Assistance Fund- direct assistance to families for travel arrangements

·  UU immigration justice work: UURISE providing crucial legal services


To register for Dec 10th border witness in San Diego coordinated by AFSC and Rev. Beth Johnson:

·  Sign up for faith leaders

·  Sign up for echo action organizers/participants


Advocate to #DefundHate:

·  Send a letter to your Member of Congress via the UUSC

·  Dial 1-844-332-6361 and follow instructions to connect you with your Member of Congress. Sample script and more details.

Volunteer at the border:

·  Join Paso Libre in Guadalajara or Annunciation House in El Paso to volunteer in shelters for folks migrating with the UU College of Social Justice.

·  Al Otro Lado is looking for volunteers for Tijuana, Mexico as well as Los Angeles, CA. If you are an immigration attorney, paralegal, doctor, nurse, EMT, social worker, mental health professional, art therapist, or Spanish-speaking faith leaders for pastoral support - sign up online.

Sponsoring an asylum seeker as an individual or sanctuary congregation

·  Express interest and learn more by signing up on the form hosted by our friends at Showing Up for Racial Justice.

·  Learn more in the UU World article.


Organizations connected to our guests and presenters:

·  Activate Labs

·  American Friends Service Committee

·  Pueblos Sin Fronteras

·  Al Otro Lado

·  Cambridge Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition


Other links:

·  Feminist / women’s org:

·  Queer and LGBTQ orgs: Diversidad Sin Fronteras and Queer Detainee Empowerment Project

·  An ongoingly updated, crowdsourced list of ways to support is here.


May walls and hate and borders fall and may love find a way,

Hannah Hafter, Audra Friend, and Rev. Elizabeth Nguyen